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February 5, 2020 Accessories

Easy Tutorial of Canvas Frame DIY for Best Work Art

Canvas Frame DIY – If you want to make and paint your own work of art, or hanging fabric to decoration works, here’s how to make your canvas frame. You will need: thin strips of pine frame, wood glue and bush stapling or stapler. The other things you need are miter box saws, picture framing or several small nail and hammer and cloth.

You have to decide on canvas size you want to create. Then, by using a miter box saw to cut 45-degree beveled edges of the frame section. For canvas frame DIY, you will need four pieces. After cutting wood, assemble the pieces and use a stapler to put the parts together. Home three times on the front and rear corners, which will make the joint safe. Once the frame is assembled, you can measure the cloth to fit in the frame. You can use extra fabric to overlap behind.

Place the cloth on the frame and put the key element in the top center. At the bottom, pull the fabric taut as possible, and put the key element in the middle of the bottom frame. Repeat this process for the side. Once you have placed the four layers, exciting and repeat this process interesting and essential in all parts of the canvas. You can use the flip angle diagonally or straight – pull tight, folding flap and fundamental to the frame. That’s all easy and simple canvas frame DIY you can use.

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