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May 29, 2020 Accessories

Fabulous Ideas for Air Plant Terrarium Diy

Air plant terrarium diy – terrariums have become a “must” for all those who, besides being lovers of interior decoration and DIY universe, love to have plants at home. Making them is easy and most importantly gives much play in terms of variety and creativity. Is your curiosity biting you? Fantastic, because then you’re going to see some tutorials to get you started step by step and many examples of terrariums for inspiration.

Cacti are ideal for those who do not have gift of plants live happily. Put another way: for those who are a little disaster taking care of them. Just do not need maintenance, there are miniature (fantastic to make an air plant terrarium diy) and there are a variety of different cactus, although not yet know.  What we need? A container round glass, low walls and a large diameter. Image has 25cm in diameter and 12cm in height approx. White gravel, popularly known as stones. Earth for cactus. It is found in garden centers and is a compound prepared specifically for needs of cacti and succulents. 4 or 5 cactus of different varieties.

Assembly of air plant terrarium diy does not have any mystery, only thing to consider are two layers of gravel that are made. One as first layer of terrarium and another at end, when you have already transplanted cacti. Gravel helps filter water and regulate moisture of earth. Did you like this example?

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