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February 16, 2021 Subway

Fantastic Option Herringbone Subway Tile

The design of the herringbone subway tile that people saw in the New York subway (pieces of 10×20 centimeters bevelled)  quickly became fashionable in the kitchens and bathrooms of many American homes, since they embody everything a material destined to cover a hygienic space should have: simple but elegant , easy to place and easy to clean. The subway tiles are the new standard bearers of vintage and industrial interior decoration, as well as those spaces decorated from the fusion of both styles.

We will see basically herringbone subway tile in kitchens and bathrooms, the two rooms where it makes more sense to put this type of coating, and mainly enameled white. Perhaps it is a fusion between the passion for the neat white of the Nordic style and the warmth of the vintage style or the more masculine touch of the industrial style.

In any case, the herringbone subway tile are a fantastic option if you want to renovate your kitchen or bathroom to give them a vintage, industrial and even Nordic touch. The original color, the most recognizable and requested of the subway tiles is the white in its enameled version. However, also we can be found in matte or bevelled without chamfering and different sizes.

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