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December 18, 2019 Subway

Fashionable of Total Black Subway Tile

If the size of the black subway tiles is small there is the possibility of covering walls and floors at the same time, but if we are tired in sight there is always the option to opt for one of the two. Which option is your favorite? After the phenomenon of the subway tiles, the hexagonal tiles and the squares as a grid, it is fashionable to highlight their shapes by marking the black joints as if they were grids.

This trend has been extended with all types of tiles, from the famous subway tiles to hexagonal or grid-style tiles and I do not know about you, but I like the effect and much! This contrast between white and black subway tile helps to get the best of the white that is its luminosity and the sense of spaciousness it generates, without the need to make the environment look sad and boring.

And for those who can not succumb to the elegance of “total black” there is also the reverse option that consists of using the black subway tile and highlight the joints with an impeccable white , although this option creates a less surprising effect, the certain is that it is perfect for spaces where we look for a more glamorous touch.

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