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August 7, 2020 Subway

Find another Style Kitchen Subway Tile Backsplash

Traditional kitchen subway tile backsplash are rectangular tiles that are twice as tall as they are tall. Most commonly seen as a 3-by-6-inch tile, subway tiles have begun to be produced in other sizes and more elongate configurations that mimic the original 2-by-6-inch subway-sized tiles. Together with these new designs, the ability for you to use subway tiles on your backsplash in new and innovative ways.

Kitchen subway tile backsplash can be designed to create a herringbone pattern. This pattern can be used just behind the hob or anywhere along the backsplash. The pattern is made by placing a tile at a 45 degree angle to the counter. Another tile has its short end laid against the bottom, long end of the first tile. Tiles then dismissed by these two in a pattern of slightly displaced V shapes that move across backsplash adds detail and subtle design.

If you want to use kitchen subway tile backsplash in a modern or modern kitchen, consider using tiles that are oblong, such as 4-by-12-inch tiles ahead of the traditional subway size. Install the tiles in either a random pattern, so the grout joints do not line up, or stack the pieces perfectly square on top of each other. Whatever will create a modern look in your kitchen that updates the traditional metro design?

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