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December 24, 2020 Designs

Find Out Ideal Ladder Rung

Ladder rung – When looking for the increases you must specifically look for the ladder labels, so you are sure that the ladder meets the European standards on safety. One should look for labels that DS / INSTA 650, AN-131 and SS2091. The latter marking SS2091, the Swedish standard which is actually the highest of European standards. This standard is actually often used by Danish producers, for example, have Jumbo, one of the larger attack and scaffolding manufacturers, sent a large part of their range to Sweden to test their products.

It is also important that you look for wear on the ladder rung ongoing. If your ladder looks worn out, so it is the veritable too, and then it’s time to either get his ladder controlled, or buy a new one. There is no reason to risk, to become part of the occupational accident statistics because of a bad maintained increase.

In fact, falling from ladders and scaffolding, one of the major causes of occupational injuries in Denmark. So please be ATTENTION on your stiges health. If you are in doubt several ladder manufacturers and retailers execute ladder rung control , which is much cheaper than having to sick leave due. Injuries.

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