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December 15, 2019 Subway

Find Your Ideal Subway Tile Sizes

Subway tile sizes – By now you will know that subway tiles or subway tiles are in style. Bathrooms and kitchens have not been able to resist the return of these characteristic beveled tiles and with their strong influence we see tiles that are animated with new geometric shapes such as paintings or hexagons following the same aesthetic in white to reflect all the light. This type of tiles has become an essential decorative element and increasingly, the tendency to darken the joints to highlight the beauty of these simple pieces, remembering a grid, is taking more and more strength.

Do you join this trend? The subway tile sizes were used for the first subway stations of large cities such as London and New York. It’s simple, resistant and easy to clean design made it the best candidate to maintain a clean aesthetic in a lasting way.

Although white was the color chosen to maximize all the light that is scarce in the meters, the truth is that initially it was made in three colors: white, black and mint green. Little by little it was done in other colors and today we find this classic subway tile sizes in a wide variety of shades, although white is still the color par excellence. How do you prefer?

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