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September 24, 2020 Mahogany

Finishing Furniture With Mahogany Veneer

Mahogany Veneer – Wood veneers are usually glued over the top of cheap particle board structures, such as furniture and cabinets. If the current ends up on a veneer surface inside your home fade, enhance your appearance by adding new stains. If the veneer is made of mahogany, you will need to use a certain type of stain, or the finish may dry irregularly. The term mahogany refers to any of several types of darker woods. These woods accept fine, liquid, bad stains because they have more wood grains. For best results, use a thick stain that works well with hardwoods.

Instructions: Throw away existing sealant by sanding towards mahogany wood grain until the end looks boring; Use rough sandpaper, 50 grit. Smooth mahogany veneer to be sanded again, using 100 grit sandpaper. Place a tarpaulin under the sheet. Wear gloves and a respirator. Lighten the old stain by rubbing the mahogany veneer with a nylon pad moistened with an extraction solvent.

Let the mahogany dry for an hour. Sand mahogany with 150 grit sandpaper. Clean sawdust away with the dust cloth. Since the mahogany veneer is already quite dark, you can apply a lighter color of the stain. Do not try to add water-based polyurethane to mahogany, or you ruin the finish. Sometimes liquid stains irregularly dried on hardwoods, such as mahogany.

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