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November 14, 2019 Hardware

How To Fix Bi-Fold Cabinet Door Hinges

Cabinet door hinges – Bi-fold hinges may have problems such as bending, squeaky or inability to open. If this happens to your doors, a simple fix return them to the operating state. However, this does not mean tinkering with the hinge. Although a single part, it is still difficult to repair a broken hinge. A better idea is to replace it.

Lift bi-fold door track by greedy both sides and push it up and then down and away from the closet. Enter the cabinet door hinges on a solid, stable surface such as a woodworking bench. Check the door panels are folded over each other and the hinge plate is exposed. Find the mounting screws into the broken hinge plate and screw all the screws with a power screwdriver. Remove the hinge of the door and find a similar hinge replacement of a hardware store.

Set the new hinge on the side of bi-fold doors at the same place where the old hinge was mounted. Align the mounting holes using the existing holes. Inserts and wire all screws at once by turning them a quarter turn by hand. Check the screws into place with a screwdriver to attach the hinge. Replace the cabinet door hinges in the arena by setting the upper leg in first and push the door and the bottom guides.

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