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Black Costco Cedar Gazebo

Choosing Costco Cedar Gazebo

January 23, 2020 Cedar

Fresh Look Cedar Paneling with Paint

Give cedar paneling a fresh look with a layer of paint or stains. You can simply apply new color to existing wood, as original color and damaged areas still show through. If wood cladding was stained or specially treated with a sealant, then you need to eliminate that product. This is done with a stripper or stain remover. Polish wood with fine-grained sandpaper and sand to damaged areas of wood. Use large wooden gouges or damaged spots. Apply paint or stain one layer at a time, letting wood soak into liquid. Continue adding additional layers until desired color is achieved.

Cover wood cedar paneling with pieces of fabric cut to same size and height as your room. Place curtain rods around room, placing bars just below ceiling. Sew a small pocket at top of each fabric panel and slide pocket into curtain rods. Choose a color, pattern or design that fits overall design of room. Fabric creates a soft look in room and completely hides wooden panels of seventies.

In a quick remodel a wood with living room cedar paneling, add a border to walls. Choose a border that does not seem too busy or annoying, as you can emphasize on wood panels. Attach border directly to wall, place it in center of room. New color and design helps dissolve lining of wood and overwhelms room.

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