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January 17, 2020 Storage bed

Full Size Captains Bed With Storage Designs

Full size captains bed with storage was the original storage beds. With so little space aboard the ship, the area under the captain’s bed was full of drawers storage. These were much more useful than open shelves or cabinets. Especially when the high waves could rise at any time. Make the drawers of different sizes, with a little being smaller than the others.

This is how the bed of a true full size captains bed with storage would be built. So that minor objects are not shaken when navigating the rough seas. You can line them up in two rows, with the smaller drawers at the top. Or it is possible to put a couple of large drawers on the head and feet, with a group of smaller drawers between them. A captain’s bed is a throwback to the times of navigation.

When the trip to other lands lasted for more than a few hours and the crew of a ship struggled to get everything they needed on board. Maybe it’s our desire to live in a romantic past, or maybe they just make us feel special. But children and adults both love the bed of a well-made captain. Even on the largest ships, the captain’s cabin would never be called “wide”. For this reason, a full size captains bed with storage was a small matter.

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