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March 7, 2020 Accessories

Fun Cardboard Playhouse Diy

Cardboard playhouse diy – Look at what fun activity for children: it’s about making them a little theater with a cardboard box. Kids love simple and creative toys, as we check all parents when they receive multiple gifts for his birthday or Christmas … What parent has not taken the surprise of seeing play small with the carton instead of the toy that contains…?

Well, based on that idea, I invite you to promote the creativity of your or your children by recycling a box to make a cardboard playhouse diy theater. Mine are not very fond of attending puppet and puppet theater performances, I’m sorry to say, but nevertheless, they love to play plays with one of their same age cousins ​​to receive family applause (and a tip consisting of cents) . And, I, fortunate mother of two, I live intensely those moments because not much longer will be greater and I do not know if they will have fun with the same things…

If you’re excited, open a ‘window’ on one side of the cardboard playhouse diy, wrap all the visible part with white paper and finish the front of the puppet theater with a nice drawing, as in the photo. Then look for a cheerful fabric to make some curtains and another to coordinate to finish off the stage. Great!

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