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Preparing For Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

June 8, 2020 Cabinets

How About Gel Stain Cabinets Kitchen

Gel stain cabinets – Gel stain allows you to stain his cabinet, giving a beautiful color and brightness, without the potential disaster that traditional wood stain can cause. Gel stain has a gelatinous consistency, which joins a non-drip formula when used on vertical surfaces.  Handles must be removed.

His Cabinet of refinished to eliminate sand outer layer of finish. Gel stain cabinets use less sanding paper to open the pores of his Cabinet, which will allow the stain gel penetrates better piece. You must have a uniform coverage in the entire Cabinet when you apply your stain gel. Clean the cabinet re-finishes with a cloth that non-fluffy to remove dust left by sanding.

Brush the stain gel in his cabinet of re-finished, being careful that you brush with the grain of the wood. Gel stain cabinets work with sections if you are working in a large wardrobe. Wipe excess of colorant in gel using a clean cloth to avoid unattractive puddles of color. Continue to apply stains and clean the excess until you get the desired look. Let your re-finished cabinets to dry during the night that the stain can be configured. Apply a thin layer of polyurethane over gel stain to seal their finished cabinets.

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