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January 16, 2020 Accessories

Good Backlit Mirror DIY

Backlit mirror DIY – It is possible that on occasion you have seen luminous decorative elements that have caught your attention. A series of objects that at first appear to share common characteristics with all of their peers, but which stand out in a special way by the mere fact of projecting a light, not in the case of lighting products. Well, in these cases we are facing a backlit decoration.

This is possible thanks to the incursion of new technologies in the world of decoration, which offer manufacturers and designers a wide range of possibilities to continue innovating until you get pieces as original as the pictures and backlit mirror DIY of which we will speak today.

All these pieces are made with a methacrylate base on which a special light transmitting fabric is glued. This canvas can show different images that have to do with diverse themes like flowers, important cities, landscapes or the animal world. This fabric covers the methacrylate base throughout the front and sides, so that when the switch is turned on, the object projects the light into the colors of the photograph, creating a visual impact of great beauty and originality. These frames and backlit mirror DIY feature low power LED lighting, making it more enjoyable to use without worrying about excessive spending.

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