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December 15, 2019 Subway

Great Durability White Subway Tile Bathroom

Do you know the white subway tile bathroom? We would not be surprised if the answer was a “yes” because it is a tile that is not new, much less. Even so, we believe that you should know its origins and, especially, the characteristics and advantages of a tile that does not go out of style.¬† Have you ever wondered why it’s called “metro”? Or, where does it come from? Well know the origins help us understand the meaning and the use we make of products.

The white subway tile bathroom is called that because it was the coating that was used in the stops of the New York subway at the beginning of the last century. Yes, as we have advanced you it is a tile with a great durability and easy cleaning that is always there, it does not go out of style.

In addition, it is very easy to combine, for example, with wooden elements that can be: mirrors, countertops or the furniture itself. This way you can counteract the possible coldness of white subway tile bathroom with the warmth of the wood. In general it is a tile for bathroom or kitchen rectangular format  . Normally it is placed horizontally and in bright white that brings a lot of light and, above all, amplitude.

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