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October 3, 2020 Furniture

Grill to Concrete Coffee Table Diy

Concrete coffee table diy – First, the mold was prepared. There stood HEAT BEADS in shape 2 places. In the middle we lay a small slice where a small clock had to be put down in when the table was ready. There was made a tripod, making the table strength and prevent breakage, concrete is actually somewhat fragile. Rebar was cut, so it fit the mold.

For both to be able to put legs on the table was set threaded bolts on. Moreover, the entire fixture screwed on a wooden support, in order to avoid that the iron was visible. So iron frame hung on the edge of the mold. The concrete was mixed, add water several times, the concrete should not be too liquid. The consistency should be slightly รก la a great sponge cake batter. Also it was or just pouring concrete into the mold. Glossy little concrete coffee table diy with the spatula.

Of plastic, also outside the table dried for 5 days and 2 days within. When the concrete coffee table diy was no longer dark, it was dry. The slower drying, the stronger the concrete. Ben was ground and cut and put on the thread with Skiable. Bum, 1 piece concrete coffee table. Is really happy with the result. The fine grooves, which had the shape, nor is the worst. Yes that was as such that we got used our barbecue equipment to make a coffee table.

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