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November 22, 2020 Accessories

Guideline of Coffered Ceiling DIY

Coffered ceiling DIY – Coffered ceilings in most modern homes can be used to hide structural beams that hang below the ceiling or simply dress up or make a room more formal style. Start with calculate the coffin by measuring the roof. Coffers can be square or rectangular or more complex shapes. Draw dotted lines lightly on graph paper to indicate the rough dimensions of the proposed ceiling.

Calculate the real coffin by subtracting two of one of the timber plus the actual width of each beam of the width of the room.  Draw the coffin dimensions on graph paper to scale. Use tape measure, pencil and straight, and mark the dimensions of the coffered ceiling DIY. Cut three pieces per beam of 1 to 4 lumber to length. Run a string carpenter’s glue along the edge of just the top (cut the beam) Board of Directors (the length).

Raise each of these boxes in the ceiling that covers a stud and spike in the box on the stud side. Measure and cut install small stud in parts so that they fit between the wall and the cropped jet or between two sheared beams. Repeat your jet casing of these short sections. Use the miter saw to measure, cut and install corner trims between coffered ceiling DIY and beams. Fill nail holes and gaps tight end.

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