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November 3, 2020 Mosaic

Harmony Atmosphere of Black and White Mosaic Tile

For people who love strings in the decor, a black and white mosaic tile floor will make. This opportunity resembling the chessboard will create an atmosphere of complete harmony, originality and solidity. Thinking of the floors in black and white, most of them immediately represent a stone and ceramic plate. These options are distinguished by their high service life and reliability. But if the floor is unheated, in winter it will be very cold with this material.

To avoid this, it is recommended to use PVC tiles. Such a black and white floor will be a small hard or soft square of linoleum. The warmest variant of the floor is laminate. When using tiles from this material, you can create beautiful and original compositions. The black and white mosaic tile floor in the kitchen fits perfectly with white furniture. If you want, you can use a dark surface to create a small color contrast.

Black and white mosaic tile walls must again be cream, pastel, white or gray. In principle, there may be some, but not very light shadow. Furniture, as already mentioned above, it is desirable to buy white, but gray and black versions are also excellent. The floor in this color variant is well combined with a tree. This solution does not give a strong impression, but it can also be used.

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