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October 30, 2020 Mosaic

Hexagon Mosaic Tile Ideas

Hexagon Mosaic Tile are usually used as a border or recessed in a typical tile floor. The biggest difference is that you will need more joint because there are more tiles between the plates. Before joining the stone slabs, it is important to seal the plates. This will protect the trays from all stains that may occur during injection.


Wear gloves and ventilation mask or respirator. Pour the liquid stone amplifier (sealer) into a small tray or bucket. Use a 4-inch single foam brush to apply the stone enhancer to the top of the stone slabs. Let the stone amplifier suck the plates for 30 minutes. Wipe extra sealer from Hexagon Mosaic Tile with a cloth. Allow the stone amplifier to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Mix the mill in a big clean bucket. Follow the directions of mixing indicated on the packaging.

Scoop a small amount of joint compound on a rubber grout float. Use the float to press the mill in stone mosaic. Pack the fabric tightly into the Hexagon Mosaic Tile jaws. Run morsel over mosaic tiles to remove as much excess injection as possible. Clean up the face of stones with a moist grouting sponge. Not wet sponge too much as it may weaken the operation. Clean up as much sealant as possible from the plates. Allow grouting to dry overnight. Polish top of the plates with a soft and dry cloth. This removes the dirt from the plates.

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