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September 20, 2020 Hickory

Hickory Hardwood Flooring Questions

Hickory hardwood flooring – Hickory has a Janka, making it one of the strongest domestic hardwoods. The quality makes of hickory an attractive choice for wooden floors. But does the density of the wood work with unfinished hickory challenging. Consider your skill level before installing unfinished hickory. A hickory prefinished flooring may be the best option.

Hickory hardwood flooring is available in several grades. Lower grades are the cheapest, but may contain more knots, burls and defects than the higher quality options. These “wrong” results in lower-quality hickory a rustic look that can be the perfect choice for some settings, but unsuitable in others. Higher grades will have a smoother surface. Factor in the grade and the appearance of the wood to create the desired look of the room.

The density and light color of the wood makes grinding hickory hardwood flooring challenging. Grinding marks appear lighter than the darker colored woods. Hickory has a sealed grain does not keep the stain. When the wood is sanded and installed, the surface should be wiped with a damp cloth. This procedure is called “water popping” and opens the grain of the wood, making it possible to receive the spot. A wood conditioner is generally used to reduce spots in colored finish.

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