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July 26, 2020 Hickory

Hickory Laminate Flooring Ideas

Hickory laminate flooring is quick to install, resists wear and look like real wood floors. There is no need for glue, nails or nail specialist systems when installing laminate flooring. Most homeowners can install hickory flooring in an average room in a day. Hickory laminate flooring is also usually less expensive than hardwood or tile floors.


Examine the floor to ensure it is level and smooth. If the floor is uneven, fill large holes with wood putty or sand off bumps with a hand sanding. Place the hickory laminate flooring in the room 24 hours before installation so that it can adapt to the climate in the room. Install foam substrate. Tape the seams of the team’s columns with duct tape.

Set ¼-inch spacers against the walls of the room. First, install the planks along the longest wall in the room. Snap together the tongue and grooves on the planks of the first row. When you get to the last plank in the row, measure available to the plank with a tape measure space and cut the plank to size with a miter saw. Installing the last plank in place by a pull bar.

Install the rest of hickory laminate flooring. Spread the boards so the joints between adjacent rows do not match. Use a tapping block and hammer to push together the stubborn planks. Cut the last plank in each row to size with a miter saw.  Install skirting above the floor to cover the small gap between the walls and the floor.

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