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February 17, 2020 Other

Homemade Hidden Gun Storage

Hidden gun storage – First instructions of homemade hidden gun storage is use your razor knife to cut a hole in your carpet 1 inch wider and 1 inch longer than the inner lip of your floor vent. Staple around the edges of the hole in the carpet in order to prevent undesirable rips. Second, place vent on wood under the floor of your neckline. Trace around the inner lip of the floor vent with your pencil and set the vent to the side. Drill a ½-inch hole in each corner of your sketch. Slide the blade of your jigsaw into one of the holes and cut along your penciled outline. Turn the blade at each hole to complete the cut.

Next instruction to make homemade hidden gun storage, load boards side by side on the bottom board of the floor truss inside of the hole in the floor. Use Phillips bit on your drill to drive two wood screws through each end of each truss table for creating a shelf. Fourth, place the metal lockbox on wooden shelf. Open lockbox and run a self-tapping screw through the box and into the wood in each corner to attach it to the shelf. Put your gun into the lockbox and close the lid. Lock box.

Last, push the vent hole in the floor. Make sure that the outer lip of the vent covers the edges of the carpet around your hole. Attach the vent to the floor by driving a wood screw through each of the retaining holes in the lip of the vent. Don’t try to make homemade hidden gun storage.

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