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June 12, 2020 Bed

Homemade Truck Bed Storage

Truck bed storage – To make it, measure the inside of the truck bed using a tape measure and take into account any irregularities, including the wheel wells. Transfer your measurements to a sheet of plywood or other wood. You need to select how wide you want the box to ensure, and use this measurement to cut wood. Plan to cut a top and bottom, by using the width and length measurements, and the two sides, by means of height and of length. You have two ends, which will be determined by the height and depth of the box.

Cutting wood with a circular saw according to your truck bed storage goals. Sand down the rough edges where you made your cuts. Grind three pieces. The box can also be stained or left natural. Lay out the pieces of the box on a large, flat surface. Put the side pieces to the front and back with a hammer and nail until the box shape is completed. Place the bottom piece on top of the rectangular box and fasten it with four-inch nails and a hammer. Use same five-inching distance between nails around the outside of the box.

Attach the top of the box with two powerful hinges. Install hinges on the inside of the cap, inside the box. Attach two L brackets to the bottom of the box, about a quarter of the way into each page using 2-1 / 2 inch drywall screws to secure them in place. Place the box in the bed of the truck. Drill holes in the truck bed with a two inch drill bit where the holes in the L-bracket are located. Screw L brackets into the truck bed with 2-1 / 2 inch drywall screws. Your truck bed storage was done.

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