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April 19, 2020 Cedar

How Do Cedar Shutters

Cedar shutters are durable. They are naturally resistant to insect attack, decay, termites and moisture. They can be painted, or left in their natural state. Cedar is the shutter board, which has vertical board’s members called battens. Cedar shutters wood for making doors come in different grades. Top quality is the clear heart certificate. This is the wood from the middle of the cedar tree. There is a darker wood with little to no flaws. Other grades of cedar wood for shutters have knots.


Measure a length of 48 inches on each of the six cedar shutters boards. Draw a line across the board from side to side using the stylus. Cut the boards along the land line and set aside. Take four of the remaining 24-inch smaller pieces, and start at one end, measuring a length of 18 inches. Drawing a line across the board from side to side.

Smooth boards with medium sandpaper. Follow with fine sandpaper until all the boards are smooth. Wipe with a soft cloth. Insert three of the 48-inch boards side by side on a flat surface. Check the wood pattern to see if it is what you want. Interchange boards to a desired combination is shallow. Move the boards apart slightly and apply adhesive. Move the boards together and clamp. Let it dry. Remove the clamps when the glue is dry.

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