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October 4, 2020 Oak

How to Build a Small Oak Nightstand

Oak nightstand – Build your own little night table with some building materials that you can find at your local home improvement store. These simple step-by-step instructions are designed to build a small bedside table that is 14 inches square and 25 inches tall. Adjust the size of wood panels and table legs to build a custom wardrobe to fit your space

Sand all wood paneling and each table leg with light sandpaper to remove splinters and roughness. Apply a coat of paint or primer on one side of the wooden panels and all of the table legs. Lightly sand all wood surfaces and remove sanding debris with a damp sponge or cloth. Cover your work surface with a clean, soft cloth so you will not scratch your oak nightstand finish as you build it. Place the four table legs on the canvas. Measure and mark 10 inches from the top of each leg. Place one of the “L” brackets on each brand and then put them in the legs with wood screws.

Place one of the finished wood-based panels face down on the covered work surface. Let the one hand hang over the edge of your work table 4-inches. Turn one of your legs up and down so that the lower the “L” bracket fits flush in a corner of your wood paneling. Attach table legs to the wood panel. Repeat this procedure for the other extended corner. Turn the exposed corner of your table and attach the brackets to the four corners. This is the bottom shelf of your little oak nightstand. Place the remaining wood paneling down on the covered surface.

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