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How to Build Outdoor Storage Box

How To Build Outdoor Storage Box – Make your own plans for your wooden storage box outdoor lets you adjust the size of the box to the items that you intend to store on it. It will be easier to choose the right material and fixtures when you know in advance whether the box should open even with the ground or can be with cover.

Instructions build outdoor storage box, gather all the items you need to store outdoors. Measure each item and create a table or list the total space and floor height you need. Determine whether the case will have any compartments or shelves to maximize space and minimize contact between stored items. Determine whether items are rolled, drawn or inserted in the box or that are small enough to be hung or placed in place by hand. Make a rough three-dimensional sketch with the total length, depth and height necessary clearly marked on the diagram. Mark the positions of the hinges, locks, knobs and handles on your sketch. Use curved arrows to indicate the direction hinges open.

Next steps build outdoor storage box, determine what materials are used to construct the box. If you decide to use planed timber instead of cheaper options such as plywood, indicate how many pieces of wood needs long-term stock. For example, a storage box 2.4 1.2 m (August 4 by 4 feet) can be five sheets of plywood. To make the same common wooden box, you need 20 tables 2.5 30 cm (1 by 12 inches) 2.4 m (8 feet). Indicate what type of carpentry is used. The corners of the box can be spliced, mitered, recessed or fit. Different types of joinery can result in the need for additional materials. Rockler wood and Hardware (see Resources) provides an excellent explanation of miters tools and terminology.

Create a template for any special parts. This includes parts with curves, angles or anything that cannot be done by cutting a standard board in halves, quarters or eighths. Make a model of the box using his final plan, using the cheapest possible materials. This ensures that all measurements are correct, all the necessary angles are fit together and provides an opportunity to make necessary design changes without an expensive outlay. Use your plans to make your final product expected.

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