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How to Care Pink and Black Comforter Set

Pink and black comforter set are generally of wool or wool-cotton blend, and are known to be warm and very durable. Since these blankets are likely to be used for many years, possibly staining or soiling will likely happen. When it’s time to wash your blanket, after appropriate procedures will make sure it stays in good condition


Check the care tag on the pink and black comforter set to be sure to wash them by hand in cold water is acceptable. If no tag, contact the manufacturer or retailer as you purchased the product blanket. As long as the blanket is washable, you can clean it yourself. If it’s dry clean only, take it to a professional. Fill a bath with ice cold water. Does not use hot or hot water, as this may cause shrinkage?

Add a small amount of special wool to the bath, according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging. Most detergents will instruct you to add about a capsule of detergent in the water. With your hand, mix detergent in the water. Put the pink and black comforter set in the bathtub with cold water; make sure it is completely covered with water. Soak for an hour. Empty the water from the bathtub and rinse it blanket under cold water. Gently push out any excess water. Roll the felt between the towels to remove moisture and then hang it over a drying rack to dry in a well-ventilated area.

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