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How to Change Linen Comforter Sets

Linen comforter sets – There is no hard and fast rule for changing the sheets, other than changing and washing bedding when they are dirty. According to Bedding Care, changing your sheets once a week is recommended to keep your bedding in good shape. Those with allergies benefit frequently washed. According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, wash leaves in warm water at least 77 degrees C. kills both mites and allergens cat in beds


Remove the linen comforter sets from the bed once a week. Put covers and blankets aside. Place a clean set of bed sheets on the bed by stretching the mounted down sheet over the mattress. Stop the elastic edge under the mattress. Distribute the flat top sheet over the duvet so that the patterned side is facing downwards. Aim the faded border or the blade with the top of the mattress near the gable. Smooth the sheet over the mattress so that it hangs evenly over each side of the bed. Tuck hanged on the bottom of the bed under the mattress. The fold overhangs on both sides under the mattress.

Distribute linen comforter sets over the top sheet so the top edge of the blanket is just below the boundary on top of the sheet. Fold the hem of the leaf down over the blanket and smooth out the wrinkles. Fold the side and bottom blankets under the edge of the mattress according to the same procedure for sweeping the blade. Some prefer to allow blankets to hang freely from the sides and the bottom.

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