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How to Choose Satin Bedspreads

Satin bedspreads There are two main types of satins used in making bedspreads, synthetic acetate and polyester fabrics and the charmeuse. The acetate and polyester bedspreads are quite soft to the touch and can exhibit levels of brightness ranging from intense to opaque. They present excellent trim due to their weight. The pieces in charmeuse, that can be of silk or polyester, are made in material similar to the one used in the making of lingeries, being a little heavier.

The quality of the satin quilt is determined by the number of yarns, the type of interlacing presented in the fabric of the quilt and the method of treatment of the fabrics. Satin bedspreads can be from 300 to up to 600 threads or more. Generally speaking, the higher the number of yarns per square inch the better the quality and softness of the satin quilt.

The quality of the treatment of the quilt fabric can be easily perceived in the touch. As for the type of surface, the satin bedspread can be of the smooth or matt type. A satin quilt is an excellent addition to rooms of all styles. Especially the interiors in glamour, romantic and classic style. The satin quilt quilting is ideal for style decor vintage and nostalgic. For a touch of elegance and comfort to the modern rooms, smooth satin bedspreads are an excellent choice.

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