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How to Clean Aqua Comforter Set

Aqua comforter set – Most quilts will tell you that they can only be dry cleaned, but did you know you can clean comforter at home? Dry cleaning can be expensive and sometimes costs almost as much as your quilt. It is not as difficult as it may seem to clean a quilt at home. Take your comforter out of your bed and put it in the washing machine alone. If it’s white, go ahead and add a little bleach. It is best if you have a chlorine dispenser that automatically dispenses bleach in your washer. Make sure your machine is large enough for the quilt.

Aqua comforter set, add the detergent, most quilts are white, and so you want to get it as clean as possible. It is okay to use normal detergent, as long as you use it in moderation. After your quilt has been washed, it will look very flat, do not be alarmed. Check to make sure it stays as clean as you want and then place it in the dryer. It may look gray at first because it is wet but you will be able to see if it is clean enough. Put the dryer in the lowest possible position.

Add the balls of the dryer. The dryer balls will make your duvet sponge and make it look like new. If you do not have a ball dryer you can add new tennis balls to the dryer instead. You can add a dryer sheet too, just to add a fresh scent to your aqua comforter set.

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