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April 24, 2020 Storage bed

How to Decorate Truck Bed Storage Containers

Truck bed storage containers resemble a canopy bed because it has an overhead frame, often made of metal. The frame is shaped to look like the scrollwork of a wagon carrying princes. Some have and faux wheels on a trolley at the four corners. This type of bed is sought after by many young girls who like romantic fairy tales or are fans of princess stories. Using proper bedding and fabrics on this bed allows a child to feel like a fairy princess in his own bedroom.


Pick straw that is feminine, lacy and in a pastel color to emphasize the princess-like quality bed giving the room. White is also a wise choice for the color. Another idea is to buy truck bed storage containers with the child’s favorite fairy princess on it. These are available online, at department stores and bedding stores. Toss throws pillows on the bed that coordinate with bedding. Cushions are adorned with lace, beading, beads or other trims add in the nose appearance of the bed.

Select a long window scarf to drape over the frame above the head in the bed. This adds a fairytale atmosphere to the truck bed storage containers. Hang faux crystal beads or sparkling girl anger from the top frame of the bed. When the light is in the room, they put a sparkling, magical effect on the truck bed. Add pictures of children’s favorite princess characters to the walls. Another option is to hire someone to paint a wall painting of a castle scene or to add wall stickers to accentuate the princess theme. Add a small, sparkling chandelier to light the room and create a rich atmosphere.

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