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March 22, 2020 Pool Ladders

How to Install an Above Ground Pool Ladder

Above ground pool ladder – Above ground pools provide home owners with a version of an in-ground pool that is simpler to construct and install. An above ground pool’s top rail is generally several feet from the ground, which requires a ladder to gain access to the pool.

Soft walls above ground pool ladder, especially vinyl models, mostly only use a ladder that fit over the pool wall and requires no installation. These ladders that require installation and attaches to the pool are only recommended for hard walls above ground pools. When the ladder is mounted, installation mainly involves placing a ladder in the pool and secures it to the pool’s top rail with a few bolts. You may need to pre-drill the holes in advance. Specific installation instructions will vary with each model.

How to install an above ground pool ladder, when placed in the pool, steps have adjustable moves you can move to make it more secure fit to the pool. Mark was drilling holes, depending on where the holes are in line with the pool. You will probably need about a 1/4-inch bit, but check the size before drilling. Place the screws through the holes in both the steps and the pool’s top rail. Secure the bolt with washer and nut if supplied with the ladder model.

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