Unique Oak Nightstand

How to Build a Small Oak Nightstand

November 15, 2020 Oak

How to Install Pergo Oak Laminate Flooring

Oak laminate flooring – Pergo oak laminate floors provide the look and finish for a traditional oak wood flooring at a fraction of the cost. Pergo oak floors can be placed on any flat surface; such as concrete, plywood or existing flooring, and they are easily mounted interacting parts can quickly transform a room after the initial installation.

Loosen and remove any baseboards in the room, if applicable, using a hammer and pry bar. Cut the tongue-side from enough pergo oak laminate flooring planks for the first full line, using a table saw or circular saw with a guide. These will be the starting planks of the first row. Place the next full plank towards the end of the first plank, even the edges, then use a tapping block and hammer to snap the ends together. Place spacers along the wall edge of the plank.

To install pergo oak laminate flooring, cutting a common floor plank to 24 inches long, using a circular saw or miter saw to begin the next row of planks. Hold tongued edge of the plank at a slight angle next to the ridged edge of the starting plank in the first row, and then press the plank down to assemble the two parts. Place the tongued edge of a standard plank in a small angle towards the end of the plank installed in step 6, then down to snap the two planks together. Use a tapping block and hammer to tap the outer edge of the plank to snap his tongue into the first row of planks.

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