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November 2, 2019 Comforter Sets

How to Keep Blue and Grey Comforter Sets

Blue and grey comforter sets is beautiful color for bedroom. Comforter covers can lengthen the life of your comforter and allow you to keep the bed clean without constantly pulling the comforter for dry cleaners. Unfortunately, the bed can become a real headache with a duvet that always slides around inside the lid. Some duvet covers come with clips or snaps that secure the quilt securely, but you can easily make your own duvet holders to keep your duvet slip. Buy twill ties from a fabric or craft shop. It is generally found in packages starting at 3 meters, but shorter lengths can often be cut in the fabric counter.

Cut twill ribbon into four 12-inch segments. Turn the blue and grey comforter sets cover from the inside and beyond your work surface so you have access to the inside of the corners. Sew a length of twill ties to each of the corners of the cover, making your masks halfway along twill ties.

Tie the bottom corners of the blue and grey comforter sets to the bottom corners of the comforter cover with the newly attached twill ribbon. A simple bow works best to tie the cover to cover and is easy to loosen when you need to remove and wash the cover in the future.  Turn the duvet cover back on the right side and shake the duvet into place from the bottom. The bound corners will keep the lid in place while you do it. Tie the top corners of the comforter to the top corners of the twill ribbon cover and shake a single more time to fluff it all into place.

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