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How to Make Fluffy Comforter Set

Fluffy comforter set – Making a cover for your quilt or comfort is a great way to add years to your life. You can wash the lid instead of washing the rug, keeping the feathers or other covers filling fluffy and soft. Probably the cheapest way to make a blanket is to use flat sheets the same size as the blanket. The sheets are actually larger than the blanket, so you can easily cut the two sides of the lid from two sheets.


Fluffy comforter set to remove folds that interfere with exact measurement and cutting. Place a sheet on the floor or a large work surface and mark a rectangle 93 inches wide and 95 inches long with a fabric marker. Avoid hails of the sheet as you mark the rectangle. Cut out the rectangle. Repeat with the second sheet. Fold over a shorter side of a rectangle one inch. The fabric should be folded so that you can see a one-inch strip of the right side of the sheet along the edge of the wrong side of the sheet.

The right side of the sheet is the one you see when the fluffy comforter set is on the bed. Pressure. Fold the sheet over once along this edge. Pressure. Pinch the hem with straight pins. Sew the harness using a sewing machine. Repeat to make a hem along a short side of the second rectangle you have cut. Beat a piece of fabric so the right side is facing up. Do the same with another strip of snaps along the hem of another piece of cloth. Make sure that two bands are aligned so that snaps fit together.

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