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January 23, 2021 Pine

How to Paint Finished Pine Dresser

If pine dresser in the bedroom no longer fits the bill, do not run out and spend big money on brand new furniture. Instead, simply paint the Agency for a whole new looks that can change the entire look of the bedroom. Some simple supplies from the home and garden or hardware store and a weekend full of elbow grease will alter the finished pine chest of drawers into a modern-bedroom accent piece. Spread a couple of drop cloths to work on, and to protect the floor of the room where you work. Remove drawers from the finished pine dresser and put them on the drop cloth. Use a screwdriver to remove the hardware from dresser drawers.

Using rags and stick to the package directions, apply furniture stripper to the main structure pine dresser. Let the stripper on the Agency for the suggested time (per package directions), which is normally between 10 and 20 minutes.  Remove the old finish from the dresser with the scraper, working carefully so as not dig into the wood. Put some furniture stripper on a rag and rub vigorously to remove any residue after scraping.

Painting pine dresser, let dresser and drawers an hour to dry.  Sand the main structure of the Agency and the drawers with fine sandpaper gauge. Use a clean brush to brush away any dust created from sanding. Gently with your hand along the entire surface of the dresser, as well as all the boxes, to look for sheaves that requires further grinding.

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