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November 13, 2020 Other

How to Store Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breast milk storage bags – shelf life of breast milk depends on temperature at which it is stored, either outdoors, in refrigerator or frozen. Breast milk can be stored and even freeze. Work or other personal circumstances are no longer excuses to stop giving breast milk to baby. Mother can remove it in advance so that child is fed later, while she is not.

To store breast milk storage bags should always use packages intended for food use. Spanish Association of Pediatrics also advised to maintain proper hygiene, including washing them thoroughly with hot water and soap (or dishwasher) before use and seal after filling of milk. These are type’s most frequent breast milk containers, Check out!

Glass jars. Glass containers are best suited for freezing, such as breastfeeding committee of ASP points. Whenever you wash properly, you can use any canned food pot. Special bags breastfeeding. There are different models on market specific to freeze breast milk bags. In some cases they can be adapted to breast pump. Thus, for example, it simplifies storage process. It is advisable to freeze bags on a hard surface to prevent losses in event of tearing or pinched. Plastic packaging. Bottles, lunch boxes and other boats made of plastic materials are valid for freezing breast milk, provided they are specific to conserve food products. In this sense, EPA warns that special boats for analytical (urine and other samples) that are dispensed in pharmacies are not suitable for packaging breast milk storage bags

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