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December 12, 2020 Designs

How to Use Harbor Freight Ladder

Proper use of a harbor freight ladder to reach the roof or high walls will keep you safe. Extension ladders reaching to heights beyond the reach of a stepladder. You can use extension ladders to heights of over 50 meters to paint and repair the walls, or to get up on a roof. Unlike integral ladders, extension ladders drawn to half or a third of its length for easy carriage and transportation. A van or pick-up trucks can be fitted with ladder racks that hold ladders over the ceiling. Exercise precautions to ensure the safety when the extension ladders are used.

How to correctly use harbor freight ladder. Measure the height of the work area to determine the length of the steps that are needed. The angle that an extension ladder must lean to the security makes it dangerous for a worker to reach a section wall that is more than four meters below the top support. Use a step ladder to reach sections that are too low for a fully retracted extension ladder.

Tighten the fly part of the harbor freight ladder up from the base section until the extended length to reach the desired height. Clip on rung locks to keep the setting. With the top of the ladder against the wall, should a worker be able to reach three feet below four meters above the top support. Set the base of the ladder at a distance from the wall which is a quarter of the length of the step height. To access the rooftops, set the third step from the top to the edge of a roof.

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