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April 21, 2020 Designs

How To Use Right Gorilla Ladders

Gorilla Ladders – First select the appropriate ladder. Failure to use extension ladders with the correct length can put the worker in a dangerous situation where he has to stretch in excess to do the job. To calculate the correct length for the job in question, remember that ladders consist of two overlapping sections, so a 16-foot ladder has a maximum range of 15 feet. Also, you should never stand on the last three rungs of a ladder.

The angle at which the stairs rest also reduces their height. The next thing to keep in mind to use the gorilla ladders is to look for the classification of services that is shown on the color-coded label on the side rail of the ladder. Before climbing, check that aluminum extension ladders do not have sharp edges; folded steps, bases or stringers; loose rivets or corrosion. On fiberglass ladders, make sure there are no cracks or splinters and no missing components.

Check that the flashing is not worn or frayed. Inspect steps, steps and foot rests for scuffs, missing parts, and slippery substances on ladders and scaffolds. Note the location of upper cables, if any. Make sure the distance closest to the top line is twice the length of the gorilla ladders. Never work on a windy day, nor climb a ladder while it rains or if there is a chance of thunderstorms.

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