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How to Wash Plum Comforter Set in Machine

Plum comforter set – The quilt is an accessory bed every time more essential in winter, especially in the coldest areas of our geography. The warmth and comfort that it provides us means that every day more homes have this bedding in all their rooms.

In stores you will find natural and synthetic plum comforter set. The natural quilt is one that is filled with feathers or down, while the synthetic quilt, as with pillows, is filled with polyester fibers that can mimic the effect of the feathers quite well. The comforter set of down reaches higher prices because, unlike the feather, it lacks cane, which allows it to breathe and isolate better.

The only drawback of the plum comforter set comes when it is time to remove it, with the arrival of good weather or rescue it from the closet, when it starts to get cold. Being voluminous garments and composed by delicate fillings (the original, bird feathers, less coat, synthetic) can deteriorate from one season to another if you do not store them with the necessary care. Also, if you have not taken the precaution of washing them before storing them during the summer, it is very possible that when you take them out again you will detect an unpleasant smell that will force you to wash them before you can use them again.

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