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April 29, 2020 Accessories

Ideal and Safety Cat Window Perch Diy

Cat window perch diy – Windows and balconies are a very real danger for cats, since they suffer more serious falls and accidents than you think. The risk grows (even more) for puppies: six out of ten severe falls per window have felines less than one year old. Losing the cat is not the only danger when there is an unprotected window. These animals suffer from broken bones and jaws, damaged legs, tendon fractures and even injuries to internal organs such as the lungs, veterinarians explain.

The little fear that the cats show to the heights and the fact that many enjoy when perching in elevated places, like trees and cat window perch diy, takes to many owners to think that their felines are not in danger. But no, a cat can easily attach itself to surfaces such as branches of a tree, but other surfaces are more dangerous to them because of the risk of slipping, including window ledges, concrete and brick elevations.

Cats have a great survival instinct, which prevents them from jumping from elevated windows that may pose a danger to them.  But the risk of a cat window perch diy or an unprotected balcony does not end here. The losses cats are, again, more common than you think. And the danger grows in summer, when it is easier to neglect and when more care must be taken.

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