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June 5, 2020 Furniture

Ideas for Closet Systems DIY

Closet systems DIY – Adding a closet to a room provides a place of storage to keep a room organized. Housing can be built without sufficient storage makes it necessary to add closets in the rooms. The size of the new wardrobe is completely up to you. Plan for enough space to allow for easy storage. A 24-inch or 36-inch wide wardrobe are standard in most homes.

Closet systems DIY, plan for the length and width measurements of your choice. Start in the corner, and measure to the front of your closet. Mark width line on the wall. Measure from the corner along the opposite wall sideways to mark the length of the line. Use a stud finder to locate the nearest wall stud to your width and length marks. Place an X on the nearest stud to each measurement. These brands are your new measurements wardrobe, and you should refer to them throughout construction.

Closet systems DIY, measure from the floor to the ceiling in order to get an accurate height measurement. Drawing 4 inches from this measurement to allow for a top and bottom plate of the closet wall. Calculate the number of boards required by turning the length and width measurements in inches and divide by 16. Add eight boards to the amount expected to reach a total board.

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