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March 10, 2020 Accessories

Ideas for Concrete Resurfacing DIY

Concrete resurfacing DIY – Although considered to be very durable, concrete is not indestructible. Concrete that is constantly exposed to rain, the sun and other elements particularly prone to cracking, pitting and crumbling. While some concrete surfaces can be candidates for complete demolition and re-pour, others can be easily renewed with a concrete resurface. Correctly apply these efficient materials and reclaim your concrete surface.

Concrete resurfacing DIY, wedge tip of betongreparations seal the tube in any cracks in the surface that is wider than 1/2 inch and force a thick bead of caulk down the length of the crack. Use a spatula to smooth over the caulk so that it is even with the surrounding concrete. The dense dry within 3 hours. Fill the 5-gallon bucket with 2.5 liter of warm water and add 20 lb bag resurface.

Concrete resurfacing DIY, put the paddle attachment on drill motor in the bucket and mix the contents for 3 minutes. The 20-lb bag resurface will cover a 60 square meter section of the concrete. Dump the mixed Resurface directly on the concrete and immediately spread with a trowel to an even layer. Aim for a width of 1/16 inch. Do not walk or drive on it resurfaced concrete for 48 hours.

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