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November 9, 2019 Bedroom sets

Ideas for Log Bedroom Sets

Log bedroom sets – The construction of a log bed can add a rustic and romantic look to your bedroom, and is especially suitable for holiday homes or outdoor themed hunting cabins. The elaboration of a register of the bed is not more difficult than the construction of a normal wooden one, even if the heavier components are handled. Set aside a full afternoon for this project, which is within the capabilities of woodworkers, even novices.

Fit two short trunks and two long trunks together in a rectangular frame. It should be nested together at the ends, like a set of Lincoln log toys. The records must be longer at the bottom. Reinforce the corners by driving in two nails at each corner. Drive the nails through the bottom of the top notch in each corner. Repeat the steps one and two or three times to add three layers to frame log bedroom sets. This will raise the mattress to allow airflow and make entering and leaving easier.

Cut a notch in the inner edges of the shortest on top of its frame log bedroom sets. Use your electric saw. The notches should be 1/2 inch wide and extend to the bottom, level with the top of the longest trunks. Slide the sheet of plywood into position so that it rests on the tops of the long trunks and on the lips of the notches on the shorter trunks. You can skip this step if the mattress frame has rigid internal support.

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