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Paris Comforter Set Queen Ideas

November 18, 2019 Comforter Sets King

Ideas of Gray And White Comforter Set

Gray and white comforter set – summertime for many children means playing in the park, swimming on a local pond and cycling trips to the ice cream shop. Unfortunately, summer also has rainy days that have to be spent indoors; the clouds are waiting for part. Make these long, otherwise boring days more fun by building an indoor fast for the children to play in. Adults can also get into fun by turning fast in a reading wrap or a miniature movie theater.


Remove the pillows from a living room couch. Drape a thin gray and white comforter set over the couch. Use pillows from the couch to anchor the blanket to the sofa. Place two dining chairs around 5 feet from the sofa. Keep chairs back facing the couch to make more space in the fort? Drape the other side of the blanket over the two chairs.

Attach gray and white comforter set to the chairs with clothes pin. If the chair backs are too thick, use some books to keep the blanket anchored in the seat of the chair. Place pillows and blankets on the floor under the blanket. This will give a soft pillow too fast. Bring a flashlight, some adventure books and a bowl of popcorn in the fort. Turn on the flashlight and turn quickly into the reading room.

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