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Ideas of Tahari Comforter Set

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October 31, 2019 Comforter Sets King

Ideas of Mermaid Comforter Set

Mermaid comforter set easily recognizable cover pattern known for its flower pop of color on a generally neutral background. It is a versatile pattern than can use the remains of many colors or a more controlled theme of colors and patterns, and it works well as both a bed cover and a wallet. The Dresden Plate blocks use a combination of chords and applications and meet quickly.


Wash all your mermaid comforter set in a warm environment in your washing machine and wipe for a high setting in your tumble dryer. Remove any excess threads with a scissor. Print and cut out drip-shaped pattern play. Cut out 20 drop-shaped pieces for each block. You can be very creative here, using all of a color for all your plays, varied colors so that the pieces contrast with each other, or using a variety of colors and patterns for each part.

Lay out your drip-shaped pieces on a hard, flat surface and organize them the way you want them to appear on your mermaid comforter set block. Pin two pieces side by side on their long sides with straight to the right. Sew with a straight stitch and a ¼ inch seam allowance; put the stitch ¼ inch away from the curved edge. Press opens the seam so it is flat. Cut the center circle for Dresden Plate blanket. Fold the circle in half on both the length and the width, squeeze folds with your fingers.

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