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February 9, 2020 Other

IKEA Toy Storage for Kids Room

IKEA toy storage – For a long time toy just been present and been stacked on top of each other in the corners, and it has annoyed me partly because the mess partly because I had heard that it would be much better to have a few things promote, so the child can play better what is encouraging. With time, can you find the “old” rather who will have great interest of the child because it seems like something new.

Since I like the creative, it was absolutely perfect, that we saw TARVA dresserĀ  in ikea toy storage. I could immediately see to me that with a little paint could turn into a cute dresser storage for all toys. The drawers are relatively high and smooth-running with drawer stop and is made of solid wood. It is therefore very easy and comfortable to pull the drawers out and in and inclusiveness means that even large objects can have fun in there without being pressed together too much.

Storage boxes we made some time ago and have just moved around now, so they hang above the ikea toy storage. I think that they really have found their place and works really well. When I find some nice and not so expensive drawer knobs, the idea is that they also need a brush up. I have fallen in love with some fine ceramics buds from Retro Villa but think that they are inordinately expensive. Of course I will also write about how we have made storage boxes, but it must be a separate post.

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