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February 7, 2020 Home Ladders

Important Tips for Attic Ladder Installation in Your Home

Attic Ladder Installation – The easiest access to the attic is by installing a set of demolition of the attic stairs. Usually made of wood stairs and folding so that they can be stored in the attic access opening. Often the stairs are installed by non-professionals and they have a safety problem. It is essential that the attic ladders attached to the demolition of properly to avoid injury.

Defects and problems often observed in the composition of attic ladder installation. One drawback is that the common installation of structural members. The example is rolls or columns are cut to accommodate the stairs. You must not be removed structural member of the attic. Grooved or cut without reinforcements installed properly. Most of the attic stairs is designed to fit between the columns. But when the columns into pieces, you need professional evaluation of the floor structure.

Often hardware, bolts and nuts that prove him stop missing or loose counter. It must be installed all the fasteners. They all must be strict in order to avoid danger. It should be replaced screws or nuts missing to avoid serious injury. Often the attic stairs are cut very short. So the bottom of the ladder dangling does not touch the ground. This situation is not safe and can cause serious injury. That’s all the tips for attic ladder installation.

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