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October 22, 2020 Pine

How To Install Pine Paneling

How To Install Pine Paneling – Install pine paneling in your home is an easy job that you can do yourself. The only part that consumes the most time is to make sure your measurements are perfect. Pine paneling can add elegance to any room. In order to have the best-looking walls, try to stay away from the low-end or cheap artificial products. While you can save money, the result is not as beautiful as they’d been using panels made of real wood veneer glued to plywood.

To install pine paneling check to make sure the wall is level. Use a 4-foot level to do this. Use your level to ensure that the strips are straight then secure one with a 3-inch strip of plywood legs apart in the wall with 10 by 2.5-inch wood screws. Drive these screws to the underlying wall studs. Measure how long you need to cut pine paneling. Measure the floor to the ceiling and subtract 1/4 inch from the sum. Do this for each panel you will be put on the wall. Transfer your measurements to the back of the pine panel with a pencil. Cut along the pencil mark with a jigsaw or circular saw. While the panel still face down applying some adhesive panel. Do not make straight lines, make them wavy. Place the paneling against the wall starting in a corner of the room.

Use the level to ensure that the pine paneling is vertically straight. Cover the head of your hammer with a cloth and then drive four, 1.5-inch finishing nails through the top of the panels in the strip, you nailed to the wall. If you have a tongue and groove panels, nail through the tongue at an angle. Pull the bottom of the panel from the wall. Place a piece of wood at the bottom that will keep paneling about 6 inches away from the wall. Remove the block of wood when the glue is sticky. Place a piece of scrap wood paneling, then hit the scrap piece of wood with a hammer. Nail every 4 to 6 inches along the edge of the panel and every 8 to 12 inches over the panel to make sure that you put the nails in the joists. Countersink the nail heads 1/32 inches below the paneling surface.

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