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February 21, 2020 Reclaimed Wood

To Install Reclaimed Floating Shelves

Reclaimed floating shelves are stylish space saver that adds a contemporary or traditional to the storage room. Floating shelves are installed correctly and can save a lot of weight. It eliminates the need for additional cost to use brackets for support. Without having to shelf brackets, it can make the room look too busy. Floating shelves make it look clean and adapt to any style of elegance and finesse.

Reclaimed floating shelves can be made with little effort. Depending on how much weight rack, the installation can range from simple drywall anchors through bracket wall flat. You can use store bought floating shelves. It comes with a dry wall anchor and the bracket fits flush with the wall. Simply, attach the bracket where you want the shelves, floating shelves and screwed to the bow.

The doors are surprisingly cheap at home improvement stores. One door can generate some reclaimed floating shelves. When you use this method to make floating shelves, paint on the first shelf and close the open edges with wood trim.

These shelves look for version, there are two options, floating shelves, which adds to the quality of the homogeneous space or strong black accents. And floating glass shelves puts all the focus on objects that are displayed.

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